ith Spike Financial, you won’t have to sign an expensive lease to get access to the newest POS technology.

We custom-build a POS system to meet the needs of your dental practice. You’ll get a flexible up-to-date system that makes taking any type of customer payment a breeze.

Modern Payment Solutions Keep Your Patients' Data Safe

Keep up with your clinic dental practice's constantly changing data security needs with out-of-the-box POS solutions.

Powerful POS Software

Your dental practice's patients and employees get access to POS software that makes making and taking payments quick and simple.

Designed For Your Dental Office

Freedom, flexibility, and choice designed for the specific needs of dental offices of all sizes.

Accept Any Payment

Your employees can take patient payments in-person or over the phone. Your patients can also pay at their convenience with a mobile device or online.

Dental practices can integrate powerful POS equipment to work seamlessly with existing billing and payments systems. Paying dental bills can be stressful for patients. Make the process easier for them by accepting every payment type from every card brand. Set up automatic or recurring payments, and spend less time managing your dental practice’s payments.

Accept every major card brand and payment type

  • HSA Debit Cards
  • FSA Debit Cards
  • PIN Debit
  •  EMV Chip
  • Apple Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  •  Credit/Debit Tap

Streamline your billing and payments systems

  • Multiple built-in reports
  • Accept all payment types with a single terminal
  • Shared patient data across multiple locations
  • Securely manage payments from anywhere
  • Fully-integrated software designed for health and wellness providers

Balance Patient Care and Business Performance With Security and Scalability

One POS, endless possibilities

Make your business future‑proof

Leading company in this field, we provide many solutions to Increase your hospital, medical practice or clinic’s profitability with convenient and faster payment processing.

To reduce wait times and to maintain social distancing, we are offering self-service and convenient payment options. Patients can easily make payments when your healthcare centre is closed. Most importantly, they can make payments when it's convenient for them. Your organisation gets faster payment collection and can view payments made in real-time.

Streamline your business with an integrated solution that covers your whole dental business operations.

All of our software integrate seamlessly to each other, making it an unbeatable suite of healthcare solutions.

Better Healthcare Payment Processing

Fully-synced patient profiles

Quick access to notes and past transactions from any location.

Personalized payment reminders

Collect contact details and text payment reminders to patients.

Our Systems Are Designed To Meet Your Needs

Low-Priced one-time equipment fees mean you’ll never get stuck in an expensive lease

Custom-built Point-of-Sale (POS) systems for your business

Spike Financial customers get excellent ongoing support, fair pricing, and great products.

The Clover® Station

A state of the art, all-in-one Point-of-Sale solution for your business. Power it up and you’re ready for business. Clover Station is designed to help in so many ways.

The Clover® Mini

A counter-top terminal from First Data® that offers users speed as well as a seamless user experience. The Clover® Mini is as powerful as it is sleek—and lightweight.

Clover® Flex

Take on-the-go payments using this small, but powerful portable device from First Data®. It’s everything you need in one simple device.

Clover® Go

Go here. Go there. Process payments anywhere. A mobile payments reader designed to work with cell phones. It makes payments easier – and safer.

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