Spike Financial's sales agents maximize returns by leveraging their existing relationships with small and medium-sized businesses.


Our agents receive the compensation and residual income they need to reach their financial goals while providing their current business clients with reliable and technologically advanced POS systems, payment processing, and host of other products.

Excellent Compensation Packages

Cross-sell your current clients and create residual income that requires a minimum amount of upkeep. Sell Spike Financial’s bundled services including electricity, merchant services, and POS systems to establish multiple income streams.

24/7 Texas-Based Support

Spike Financial custom designs every POS solution with the goal of getting new customers up and running in just a few days. Our agents count on our Texas-based POS systems experts to answer questions, help make smart recommendations to clients, and assist with providing excellent customer care.

Customized Sales and Product Training

Our agents get the sales and product training they need to understand their customers’ needs and provide a solution that makes day-to-day business management easier. Plus, Spike Financial agents enjoy our free terminal placement program; our experts handle the equipment installation.

How to Become a Spike Financial Agent

Our successful Spike Financial agents enjoy passive residual income - they don't have to constantly prospect for new clients like many other sales professionals. Leverage your current relationships with your clients and expand your offerings to include Spike Financial's suite of services.

Contact us today to find out more about how to become a Spike Financial agent and enjoy the freedom that comes with long-term residual income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions about joining the Spike Financial Sales Agent Team

You have questions, we have answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our FAQ section below, give us a call or shoot us a message via online chat.

What training does Spike Financial provide to new agents?

Spike Financial provides all the training needed to get started making a residual income by selling POS systems and bundled services like energy to small and medium-sized businesses. Our agents also get 24/7 Texas-based support to help them with any technical questions that may come up while selling Spike Financial’s services.

How does the sales process work for agents?

Our agents typically provide Spike Financial with basic customer information, a merchant statement, and any other required documents. We produce a free savings analysis for the agent’s customer upon request. The agent presents the savings analysis to the customer with help from the Spike Financial team (if the agent wants help). We offer complete flexibility when it comes to working with an agent to make a sale. After the customer agrees to switch to Spike Financial, we send them an electronic application to sign.

How can agents with no prior experience handle POS system installs?

Our agents enjoy full support when it’s time to install equipment and help a customer understand how to get the most out of their new POS system. We handle installations for our agents, or we let the agents do installs on their own. Each of our agents has varying levels of experience with POS systems. They may feel comfortable with the technology and prefer to handle their customers’ installation on their own. Or, they may want us to take over the installation process.


What type of partners is Spike Financial seeking at this time?

Our most successful agents are in a customer-facing sales job that allows cross-selling. Our agents capitalize on their existing client base by cross-selling Spike Financial’s innovative custom services to their current client list. The agent can use their contact list of small and medium-sized business owners to create a residual income with very few long-range maintenance requirements.

We are especially interested in partnering with commercial real estate agents and brokers, business insurance professionals, accountants, energy brokers, natural gas brokers, bookkeepers, accountants, business internet providers, and business cable providers.

How much money can a Spike Financial agent make in their first year?

During their first year, our successful Spike Financial agents expect to make $20,000 to $40,000 of residual income from their POS system customers. They may make more by cross-selling Spike Financial’s entire suite of services. During their second year, our agents expect to make $65,000 or more. Earning potential depends entirely on the agent’s current book of business, the quality of their contacts, and their willingness to spend time contacting clients about Spike Financial’s services.

Some of our agents make well over $100,000 per year; there’s no limit on earnings as a Spike Financial agent.