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We Are A Numbers Company

Spike Financial is a Texas-based company operating as a subsidiary of Spike Energy Inc. Founded in 2007, Spike Energy Inc. provides energy procurement services throughout Texas.
Spike Financial provides merchant services, ACH services, and POS equipment to customers all over the country.


Here at Spike Financial, we are always shopping for the best deal. Our dedication to saving our customers money means you’ll get the lowest possible prices. When we find a great deal, we pass on those savings.
Our customers have access to the tech support they need from our Texas-based POS experts 24/7, on holidays, and during weekends. We want you to be “up and running” so you can easily take payments every minute that you are open for business.

Our Mission

Making accessible the technology your business needs to accept every payment, every time, is our mission.
We work hard to make sure that businesses all over the country are equipped with a payment solution that is custom-designed to meet their needs.


Whether you have a single location small mom & pop shop or multiple sprawling locations over multiple states, Spike Financial can custom design a payment solution to make managing your store easier and less expensive.
We Help Businesses

In many cases, our customers have been stuck with expensive equipment leases using POS equipment that suitable for their company. We fix these problems by setting them up with state-of-the-art payment technology, lowering their bills and providing them the 24/7 Texas-based tech support they require.

What Our Customers Get

  • Transparent pricing structures built to serve their needs and facilitate their growth
  • Savings passed along from Spike Financial so accepting payments doesn’t break their bank
  • 24/7 customer support from Texas-based techs; even on holidays and weekends
  • Bundled services for Texas businesses in need of an energy provider as well as a payments solution
  • Ongoing support for fast-growing businesses with ever-changing technology needs
  • Free statement analysis to help you decide how to proceed

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