Our bank partners have access to the full suite of Spike Financial’s Merchant Services.


Business owners understand that there are many advantages to developing a long-term relationship with their small community bank. However, without a dedicated merchant services channel, small banks miss out on the chance to serve their existing business customers.


Our partner banks have the opportunity to grow their relationships with current business accounts without having to manage equipment installation or provide customer support.


Banks enjoy an additional revenue source while expanding the tools they can offer their business account holders. Our bank partners can offer their clients access to technologically advanced POS systems, payment processing, and a number of business management tools at better prices than their big bank competitors.

Competitive Revenue Sharing

Cross-sell your current business accounts and create a new income stream for your bank that requires a minimum amount of upkeep. Establish multiple income streams by selling Spike Financial’s bundled services including electricity, merchant services, and POS systems.

24/7 Texas-Based Support

Spike Financial custom designs every POS solution to meet the needs of each customer’s business. Our goal is to get new customers up and running within just a few days. It’s OK if your bank employees don’t know a lot about POS systems. Our Texas-based POS systems experts are standing by to help business customers make informed decisions.

Support for Small Community Banks

Spike Financial’s bank partners get the support they need to make the most of their existing relationships with local small and medium-sized business accounts. After signing up a new POS system customer, the bank representative simply gathers the required documents and forwards them directly to the Spike Financial team. We coordinate efforts with the bank representative to complete the enrollment process.

Bank Partner Advantages

Our bank partners decide what level of involvement works best for their organization. Spike Financial handles equipment installation from start to finish.

We help new customers connect the system to their current technology, teach them how to get the most from their new equipment, and are ready to answer questions or troubleshoot 24/7.

How to Partner With Spike Financial

Our bank partners don't have to worry about expanding their in-house capabilities. The Spike Financial team handles enrollment, installation, and billing. We even take service calls from our partner banks' POS customers 24/7. Leverage current business account relationships to expand your services. Include POS systems in the array of offerings your business account holders currently enjoy.

Contact us today to find out more about how to become one of Spike Financial’s bank partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions about joining forces with Spike Financial to offer POS Systems, payment technology, and advanced business management tools

You have questions, we have answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our FAQ section below, give us a call or shoot us a message via online chat.

What are some of the merchant account plans offered by Spike Financial?

We prefer Interchange Plus plans because they are the best product type for high-volume merchants, in our experience.

Does Spike Financial offer next-day funding?

Yes, after we receive the application and paperwork to onboard new customers, we are often able to fund a merchant’s bank account the very next day. Depending on the circumstances, we may even be able to fund certain merchant accounts on weekends and holidays.

What payment processing platforms does Spike Financial use to board customers?

Depending on the needs of the individual business, we typically board customers with First Data or Tsys.

What are the benefits of working with Spike Financial?

Small banks may not have access to the network of merchant services that larger banks typically offer their business account holders. When banks partner with Spike Financial, they can increase their profits by cross-selling a product that most small banks can’t offer. 


Our bank partners and their customers get access to 24/7 Texas-based customer support that far exceeds the customer service associated with many merchant services providers offered by big banks. Spike Financial has a fully-staffed team of POS experts ready to help your business account holders any time of the night or day, including weekends and holidays. We do the heavy lifting – there’s no need to worry about training your staff to troubleshoot our equipment or systems. 


Banks that partner with Spike Financial enjoy the opportunity to expand the services they offer to their customers. Banks can increase loyalty among their business account holders by providing sought-after and vital services in a single location.


We offer competitive revenue-sharing arrangements, too. Our bank partners add a revenue stream to their organization when they offer Spike Financial’s suite of merchant services to their business customers.

Will I receive monthly commission statements for all my customers?

Yes, our bank partners receive detailed commission statements for their customers each month.

Does Spike Financial have a web portal?

Yes, our bank partners have access to a web portal where they can view statements and access vital information about their customers that sign up with Spike Financial.