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Texas-Based Merchant Services Customized For Your Business

What we do:

We are a Texas-based company specializing in merchant services. We have commitment to provide our customers with premium tech support, low prices, volume discounts, and bundled services. Our customers include mom & pop stores with a single small location as well as large multi-location businesses.

Our goals:

Provide the best customer service and tech support in the industry

Big banks are often closed during the evenings and on weekends. Our Texas-based techs are ready to help our customers 24/7. We know that keeping your POS up and running is crucial to the success of your business, so we can help either remotely or in-person.

Help the customer save money

We offer a free statement analysis so you can identify areas where you are paying too much with your current merchant services provider. Our one-time, low-priced equipment fees mean you won't have to make an expensive monthly lease payment.

Educate the customer

Our merchant service experts can help you understand your options, which puts you in a position to make the best choices for your business.

With Spike Financial, you'll get a transparent and fair pricing structure that works for your business. You'll have access to superior payment processing technology to make your employees' and your customers' lives easier. You'll get powerful software to help you run your business, even across multiple locations.

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