Optimize stock levels

Minimize shrink and save time by using POS analytics and reporting to manage stock. Check stock across all locations, manage returns, automate reordering, and conduct inventory counts.

Gain product insights

Understand which items are frequently purchased together, use order history for retargeting campaigns and personalized offers, and learn more about which items are returned.

Meet staffing needs

Look into time periods with a history of minimal sales as well as busier times to fine-tune your staff to sales ratio. Evaluate individual employee performance with basket-size and total sales reports.

Spike Financial’s customers have access to hundreds of reports to help make business decisions based on real data. Capture information and create reports with valuable insights into your business’ day-to-day activity. The right POS system can have a great impact on your bottom line.

Find out more about how Spike Financial supports our customers with in-depth reporting and analytics.

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