Top 5 Credit Card Machines/POS Terminals for Convenience Stores

Convenience stores require a merchant processing solution that’s quick, easy to use, multi-functional, and designed for a fast-paced retail environment. Spike Financial serves customers requiring specialized payment processors to fit the physical space and fast pace of their businesses.
Whether you need a countertop payment processor, portable credit card machine, or mobile payment solution, we have the hardware to meet your needs.

These credit card machines are among the top choices for convenience stores, gas stations, mini-marts, liquor stores, and kiosks.

1. First Data FD 150
The FD 150 auto detects debit cards and offers customers the option to enter their pin to run a debit transaction. The customer can choose to bypass the pin by pressing the green enter key and run the transaction as credit. A pin debit transaction may be less expensive for merchants than a credit transaction. Since it’s the first option, many customers choose to enter their pin to authorize the transaction. The FD 150 has a user-friendly touchscreen to handle any function.

2. Dejavoo Z9
The Dejavoo Z9 is a cordless terminal that works with a Wifi or cell phone connection. So, even if the electricity goes out, convenience stores can still take payments. The unit works with a rechargeable battery that keeps working long after you remove the power cord.
The Dejavoo Z9 is a compact unit that works well for convenience stores with limited counter space. Merchants can customize reports to see only what they need. An easy user interface and the ability to apply cash surcharging makes the Dejavoo Z9 a top choice for our gas station and mini-mart customers.

3. Pax S80
The Pax S80 is known for speedy transactions. It works with a Pax SP30 pin pad or a Pax S300 pin pad. Busy kiosks, convenience stores, and gas stations love the Pax S80 because it allows their employees to serve customers quickly, reducing wait times.

4. Clover Mini
The Clover Mini has an online dashboard that provides transaction data as well as copies of credit card receipts in real time. Users have access to Clover’s state-of-the-art app so they can have a mini-POS system that’s portable.
The Clover Mini is popular with our gas station, convenience store, liquor store, small kiosk customers.

5. Dejavoo Z11
The Dejavoo Z11 is a super-simple processing solution that allows merchants to set up a customer surcharge. It’s compatible with Z3 and Z6 pin pads. With the Dejavoo, convenience stores can produce customizable reports.
Convenience stores, mini marts, and liquor stores with a secure customer service window prefer a merchant processing solution that allows the pin pad used by the customer to sit away from the credit card machine.

Chart Key: Y= Yes, N= No

FD 150  Dejavoo Z9  Pax S80Clover MiniDejavoo Z11
Connect with pinpadYNYYY
Compatible pinpadsRP10N/A
Pax SP30
Pax S300
Clover Mini
Set up auto close
Surcharge / Cash discountingNYNYY
App Store accessNNNYN
3G capableNYNYN
Wireless capableEthernet, Wifi, DialWifi, 3GEthernet, DialEthernet, Wifi optional version with 3GTri-Comm capability (Dial, IP & WiFi)
Portable with rechargeable batteryNYNYN
Contactless payments acceptedYYYYY
EMV availableYYYYY


Texas-based tech support
Our services include 24/7 Texas-based tech support, so even when the big banks are closed, you can get the help you need to keep your credit card machines up and running.
Spike Financial provides payment processing to convenience stores in cities across Texas:

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While we are Texas-based, our service area isn’t limited to Texas. We have customers across the country.

Ready to learn more about how the right payment solutions system could help your company save money while increasing the efficiency of your operation? We can help you customize a POS solution for your convenience store with the functionality you need to allow your employees to take every payment every time. Ask about fully-interated software designed to meet the needs of gas stations, kiosks, and mini-marts.

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